Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend started out with happy hour with co-workers and then dinner with Jeff which was delicious! Saturday we had giuliana's swim lessons and then got breakfast and Starbucks and came home and relaxed. We have a family rule of no diaper changes on your birthday. It's a great rule :) Saturday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the thunder game and a UFC fight,  and then Bowling with friends. It was such a good night! Jeff, of course, dominated the bowling and made fun of my gutter balls all night. I did manage to have a few birthday luck strikes so I was happy :) 

Sunday I slept in (well tried to, but it's so hard when you are used to getting up at 7 everyday!). I went to church and came home for family naps and then we spent the afternoon outside playing and enjoying the Sunday. It was a great weekend with the perfect mix of adult time, one on one hubby time and family time. Giuliana made me her own birthday card (with dad's help) which was adorable and they got me a spa day! 

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