Monday, June 17, 2013

Progressive Dinner

On Saturday night we participated in a Progressive Dinner with neighbors. There were 10 people total and we went to 4 houses. The first 3 houses had different themes and tapas/appetizers and our house (the final house) had desserts. I went with a pink/white/brown theme for decorations and food.

A few pictures before the evening started of my set-up

Fresh homemade Strawberry Cake

House #1 - Joanna and Brad's Country Theme - Corn on the Cob, BBQ sliders with coleslaw topping in a puff pastry and watermelon with goat cheese and basil

Their drinks were a spiked watermelon strawberry lemonade served in mason jars

Rebecca's house went with an America theme and they had red white and blue jello shots, deviled eggs, sliders and potatos

Brad and Jacquie's house had a Hawiian them and they had meatballs, fried pinapple and coconut shrimp

And finally...our house with chocolate lava cake, strawberry cake, cheesecake and chocolate martinis

It was such a fun night! It was fun arriving at each house and seeing what all they had done. We were stuffed by the end of the night - that's for sure!
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