Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Normally at 7:00/7:15 I get Giuliana from her crib and take her to our bedroom to feed her and then we play until around 8:00 when we head downstairs to have breakfast. On Fathers Day morning I decided to be reallly sweet and let Jeff sleep in :) So I kept Giuliana downstairs where we hung out, ate breakfast, and then took Shadow for a walk.
Look at her sitting up like a big girl!

After Giuliana went down for her morning nap, I began making Jeff the breakfast he requested - Pioneer Woman's Eggbert's Sunriser.

After our breakfast, and naps by everyone (but me), we headed down to the pool. Giuliana is a lucky little lady to have such an awesome Dad. Seeing them play together is just the cutest thing in the entire world. He can make her laugh like no other.

The pool wore Giuliana out - she was splashing and playing for about an hour! After the fun, we headed home started the nighttime routine, and while Jeff was putting her to bed I went and picked up sushi. We ended the evening with a movie (which I fell asleep during). It was a great day and full of Jeff's favorite things - greasy food, naps, pool time, sushi, movies in the loft, and hanging out with his girls :)

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