Friday, June 14, 2013

3-6 Months Favorites!

1. Fisher Price Ring Rattle - G loves to shake this and chew on it. And sometimes ninja throw it across the room. Really anything that she can shake and makes noise she likes now, but this seems to be her favorite.
2. Fisher Price Jumperoo - I knew we were going to get a Fisher Price one because we can use my friends and family discount at the Mattel store (score!), and this was the only one they had. Luckily is was one that had good reviews on Amazon, and she LOVES it. At first she would just stare at everything (when she was around 4 months). Now she is like kris-cross in there. The girl can get air. It takes up a lot of room and is so tacky, but it's all worth the smiles we get when she is in there.  We put it outside and she is happy for a long time. It also keeps her entertained while we cook dinner or things like that.
3. Giraffe Sound Soother - This is attached to the stroller and goes everywhere we go. The white noise helps keep her alseep while we are on the go during nap time. And she likes to chew on his legs too :)
4. Sofie the Giraffe- Of course, every baby loves the $25 rubber toy that looks like it's made for dogs. It took her awhile to be into Sofie, but now that she is teething, she loves it.
5. Freddie the Firefly - Don't worry, Jacque the Peacock is still her #1 pal. But Freddie (also Lamaze brand) is a close #2.
6. Kickee Pants PJs- While these are not Jeff's favorites because they don't zip, I love them because they are SO soft and very cute too. The feet have added soft lining too. They are really stretchy so they will last when other PJs are getting to short.
7. Baby Gap "body doubles" -  I love this style of tops because they go over the pants, which helps keep that old man look of pants pulled up too high over a onsie look in check. Pair them with some Gap skinny jeans and you are stylin'. We are pretty much obsessed with Baby Gap, but I must say they have great discount codes online and she can still wear 0-3 month size in a lot of their clothes. They just fit different (long sleeve shirts are now 3/4 sleeves...that's still in right?)
8. Sun Hat - (Old Navy, not available). We take this hat everywhere we go. I love that it has a velcro chin strap thing because the wind always blows her hats off when she is in the Baby Bjorn. This one stays put. PS she wears a size 12 months in hat...poor kid.

Not Pictured: We also love Janie and Jack for preppy look, Giggle Moon, Matilda Jane, Children's Place, Target and good old Carters (esp. for their ZIP UP PJS - not always as cute, but super functional).

 1. Orbit Stroller Bag- Makes flying super easy. The stroller frame and seat fit in the bag, which expands from its small carrying size. The airline staff and security staff are always amazed at how easy it is for us to take the stuff apart, get it through the x-ray machine, and load back up.
2. Baby Sunglasses - G hates the sun in her eyes and will actually leave the sunglasses on. The ones at Janie and Jack are so cute, and seem to fit her best.
3. Orbit Stroller - posted again because we love it that much. We took the toddler seat on our trip to OK so we could check the car seat (because unfortunately it does not fit in the stroller bag). G LOVED the toddler seat because it is so much easier for her to look around at all the action. It reclines to a laying flat position for when she fell asleep. Super neat.
4. PackIT bags - these fold up flat and you put them in the freezer when not in use. They have insulation stuff that freezes so they stay cold all day. We filled one up with her baby food containers and bottles of milk for traveling and it worked out great. It was also easy to just hand the bag off to security so they could take it aside to do all their screenings on it.
5. Baby Bjorn - Around 4 months old I tried to switch G to facing outwards in the baby bjorn and it was like a whole new world for her. She LOVES it. (She loved it before, but she just slept usually). Her favorite thing is to watch Shadow play fetch while in it. She kicks her feet and apparently (I say apparently because I can't see her face) smiles the entire time he is running back with the ball. We also took this to OK and Florida and it was nice to use when she was not in the mood for the stroller.
6. California Baby sunscreen - works great, unscented, all natural stuff and special for infants (most sunscreen says 2 and up I think). They now sell it at Target!
7. IPlay Swim Diaper- Our swim lessons place said no disposible swim diapers, so I bought this one. So far it has worked great, and has side snaps which makes it easy to put on.
8. Johnson and Johnson Wipes - Great for on the go travel germys that are everywhere
1. Boon Flair High Chair - I admit, I didn't really want this high chair because it was so modern looking and didn't really "match" our decor. (I wanted the Nuna Zaaz). But I found this for a great deal and my friends that have it love it, so we got it. It is super easy to clean, which was imporant to me-  no nooks or crevicies for crumbs to get stuck in. Nothing to have to wash in the washer, just wipe and you are good to go! Also it's on wheels which is nice.
2. Food storage containers and freezer trays - I make G's baby food (it is so easy and much cheaper) and these are working great. I have a baby food maker but don't use it because I just make a ton at once and freezer it. The baby food maker just is too small. So I use the steamer on the stove and the food processor. So much more efficient. Just pour the food in the trays, freezer, pop them in a big ziploc, label it and its good for a month or two in the freezer. I just take out a few days worth and put them in the containers, keep them in the fridge, and throw them in her lunch bag for taking to the nanny.
3. Baby Bjorn Bib- It's the only bib we use. It's plastic and so easy to clean, just wipe it off or run it under water. (See a trend here- I like easy to clean).
4. Nuby Sippy Cups - These are working well for G. We didn't try others, so I can't really say they are the best, but the tips are soft and when she trys to chew them the liquid comes out, so that's helping her learn what the sippy cup is for. Also, it doesn't leak when she is banging it around like a crazy person.
5. Sassy Wheel - we keep this on the high chair tray and she loves to spin it between bites. For some reason unknown, Shadow is terrified of this thing, which is pretty hilarious. Maybe she ninja threw it at him once?  

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