Monday, June 10, 2013

6 Months!

It's totally crazy to think Giuliana is 1/2 way to being 1! Time really does fly by. I know every age and stage is fun for different reasons, but I have always loved babies around this age. It is so fun when they start sitting up and can play with toys and interact so much more.But yet they can't crawl away and get into something they aren't supposed to.  Giuliana is doing so good with sitting and within the past week (right around when she turned 6 months old) she started sitting up unassisted for several minutes. She still looses her balance and topples over eventually (especially when she tries to reach for something) but she is getting it and doing better each day! She also now rolls over both ways and she wants to crawl - SO BAD! This means she rolls to her tummy and then fusses up a storm trying to crawl to get to something. We bought her a big girl high chair and now in the mornings she eats breakfast while watching Disney Jr. (Yes, we let her watch a little age appropriate tv, don't judge!) It makes me so happy to have cartoons on the background, while feeding my little one and drinking my morning iced coffee :)   And I must say, the Disney Jr. stuff isn't so bad.

She is eating better, and prefers fruit to veggies (don't we all). Her favorites are apples and peaches, although any fruit will do. Soon we will be introducing her to meat.

She loves loves loves Shadow. We are trying to teach her to toss his ball. Once she learns to do this, he will love her equally as much as she loves him. :) If she is in a bad mood, the three things that pretty much always make her laugh and smile are Shadow, taking a bath, and going outside for a walk (and currently she prefers the baby bjorn to the stroller - I don't think she has ever cried once in the baby bjorn).

She is still a Daddy's girl, but lately has been wanting Mommy when she is tired. Her first tooth is starting to come in, we can feel it and see the gums coming apart but it hasn't broken through all the way yet. Hopefully soon, because I'm sure it doesn't feel good!

Giuliana is still in size 2 diapers, and wears 3-6 months and can also wear some 6-12 month stuff. It really just depends on what it is.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Giuliana! We love you so much!

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