Monday, October 8, 2012

32 Weeks!

I had a doc appointment this week and she measured Giuliana and said she weighs about 4 pounds, 11 or 12 oz and is is measuring a week ahead for all measurements. It sounded like she thinks she might come early! Maybe a turkey day baby???? I hope it is AFTER I eat my turkey and stuffing :)

Weight Gain: 23 pounds

My back is starting to hurt some and I am trying to take it easy and not lift heavy things and such. Still having the heartburn. Guessing its here to stay until she arrives. Baths are are so helpful, so I really need to try to make time for them!

My clothes selection is getting more limited as I get bigger. I was told by Jeff I looked a little WT when I tried to squeeze into one of my old tshirts to run to the grocery store. So I guess if I am in public I need to wear maternity clothes or Jeff's tshirts (which really just make me feel like a cow!).

This weekend we carved/painted pumpkins, attend our birth class and baby care class, and got new bedroom furniture for our bedroom (Giuliana gets our old stuff!). I can't wait for next weekend....OU/TX and my Cali baby shower!!!

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