Wednesday, September 26, 2012

30 Weeks!

Shadow had to get in on the action this week :) He always watches me take my pictures (he is very interested in the tripod for some reason) and this week he went and sat in front of the chalk board. Such a cutie! 
I'm so glad it's Fall and all things pumpkin are back in stores. I love pumpkin! I have been eating Noah's pumpkin bagels with pumpkin spread at least every other day. Hopefully those carbs aren't tooooo horrible for me! I still eat veggies a lot (way more than I did before I was pregnant) and try to eat just veggies between meals for my snacks when I get hungry.

Weight Gain: 22 pounds
Symptoms: No change
Movement: lots! All the time!
Other news: Nursery is paint and furniture is in. Now its time for the fun part - decorating!

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AM said...

You look awesome Lindsay! I say eat what you want, veggies as much as you can, and the weight will come off quickly when baby is here. You've done awesome! :)