Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting off the Year with a Fiesta!

We welcomed in 2011 in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl with the Nelson family. After a long drive we arrived in Phoenix around 6:30 pm and had about 20 minutes to get ready before the cab arrived to pick us up. As Jeff was unloading the car he asked where our hanging bag was. I instantly knew I had left it sitting on our bed back at home. Bummer. It had my dress I was planning on wearing that night, my peacoat, and Jeff's dress shirt. I was really excited about wearing that dress, so I was upset. Then I realized all I had were OU tshirts in my bag....not exactly new years eve attire for Piano Bar. Luckily Amy and her Mom instantly grabbed me some of their extra sweaters. Rushing to curl my hair, put on my makeup I quickly threw together an outfit. Mike had an extra dress shirt (which looked just liked the one Jeff had packed...lucky him) for Jeff. We got to the Shout House and had a great night ringing in the New Year!

The next morning we were waiting at the stadium gates when the opened the parking lot at 12:30 p.m. We had an awesome tailgate with tons of OU friends, delicious food, and a satellite dish so we could watch other bowl games.

Finally...our third time to the Fiesta Bowl we have a good ending to the story. It was such a fun game! I love seeing my Sooners play...and I especially love watching them win!!!!


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