Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 1 (At Sea) and Day 2 (Cabo)

The first full day on our cruise was spent at sea. Jeff woke up bright and early ready for breakfast (I guess because he is used to getting up at the crack of dawn). We went to the windjammer breakfast buffet and then came back to the room and went back to sleep with full stomaches. :) We spent some time at the pool, went to the ice skating show (which was amazing) and played some bingo. We loved bingo...we joked that when we are retired we will be going to the bingo hall regularly back home! At bingo they did a raffle and I won a 50% coupon for any service at the spa. That came in handy later in the week for our couples massages! That night was one of the two "formal" dinners. We really enjoyed going to dinner in the formal dining room and were seated with a great family of four from the Portland area and a couple from Canada. I think that night we had filet and chocolate souffle for dessert. The food was delicious!

Us before formal dinner on Monday night

Tuesday we spent the day in Cabo. We took the tender from the ship and were a bit early for our dive trip so we walked around a bit. It was so hot and humid we didn't make it far before the heat got to us. We decided to wait in the dive shop and get to know the dive master, who has only been diving for a year but has logged over 500 dives! We have spent a week in Cabo before so it's not like we had never seen the town. The dives were great! The water was nice and in the 80's at the surface. Once we got down to 60 feet it dropped to the low 70's. We saw eels, rays, tropical fish, small barracudas, etc. It was just us and the divemaster on the boat so that was nice. We did not book it through the cruise ship and were so glad when we saw the cruise ship's chartered dive boat full of at least 30 divers.  After diving we had drinks and guacamole before heading back to the ship. That night was casual attire for dinner and it was Italian themed. We had caprese as an appetizer, which is my FAVORITE so I was excited :) After dinner we went to our favorite bar on the ship Wig and Gavel with our friends from Canada. Later that night they had a "dancing under the stars" party on the top deck with live music and a midnight buffet. We were still full from dinner so we just tasted a few things and enjoyed the fun atmosphere. Here are a few pics from Day 1 and 2...

On the tender boat heading to shore in Cabo

Zebra Moray Eel
Spotted Eagle Ray (I think?)
Moray Eel
Angel Fish

Enjoying my frozen mojito... 2 Frozen Mojitos, chips, salsa and guacamole for $9...can't beat those Mexico prices!

Midnight Buffet and "Dancing Under the Stars" Monday Night

Up Next...Day 3 in Mazatlan.....


The Redfields said...

Can't wait to see more pics! We should move to Mexico with those prices ;-)

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Love your fun purple dress! Aw I miss Cabo...So many fun fish!! dancing under the cool!