Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outdoor movie

Last weekend we went to El Segundo's annual outdoor movie. It is held every year at a private park for Chevron employees and their families, so it was fun checking out a park we can't usually go to. It said it started at 4:00, and so we thought the movie would start shortly after that, but duh, it is not dark until around 8:30, so we were there for a loooong time. Giuliana did great and we actually made it until around 9:30 and left with around 20 minutes left in the movie (Despicable Me 2). While waiting for the movie to start, we checked out the raffle prizes, played at the playground, blew bubbles, danced to the live music, ate dinner and funnel cake, and drank some wine. We heard it was the first year they served alcohol...for the win! 

This picture cracks me up because G decided to walk backwards down the walkway and Jeff is looking at her like What the????

Then she realized forwards was much more efficient...

They had a bounce house which she is totally obsessed with. I think her 2nd birthday party is going to have to include one of these. She had to learn "waiting your turn"  because every 5-10 minutes you had to get out and get back in line. She did not appreciate this at all. 

Swinging with daddy. She now says Daddy and Mommy and not dada and mama. It's cute but also a little sad that she's growing up. 

Somersaults in the grass while waiting in line for a funnel cake. And Jeff's cute foot.

All three of us chowing down on the funnel cake. She pretty much just ate all the powdered sugar. She was a sticky hot mess. 

Going through Mommy's purse with her friend Zoey. Towards the end of the night waiting for the movie to start we were getting desperate to entertain them. 

Love the sunset in the background.

Finally! The movie started. And yes, she is wearing socks (that are way to small) under her jellies. Maybe its a new trend? 

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