Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fried food fun

We have had such a busy month, and I realized we had one free Sunday to hit up the fair while it was in town. We got there right when it opened and immediately started eating. Fried Doritos at 10:00 am? Why not. (They actually weren't that impressive). We also had fried oreos, fried bacon wrapped pickles, fried zucchini strings with cheese and bacon (our fav!), fried cheesecake and fried red velvet cake, and then just top it off, a cinnamon roll! YUMMMMMM

Giuliana loved the little splash pad area. I was so proud that I remembered they had it and brought a towel and some spare clothes. 

She was so cute in the petting zoo, leading Jeff around everywhere. She has no fear, and walked right up and fed all the animals. Except for the llama. We said do you want to pet the llama and she looked at it and said "NO". I agree, it was pretty stinky.

After the food ran out she kept saying "more treats". Her favorite thing at home is to give Shadow his treats, so this was like treat heaven for her. 

Joanna and Charlotte joined us. Hopefully we can keep this tradition up! 

The outtakes are sometimes the best...she was hot and tired at this point...

She loved my strawberry lemonade! We only stayed a few hours, but long enough to eat way to much, get really hot, and enjoy the sights and people watching that you can only see at the fair. Next year she will hopefully be tall enough to ride some rides (and unfortunately probably old enough to ask to play the pointless games). 

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