Monday, May 5, 2014

Run for the Roses and more...

The weekend started out with a beautiful drive home from work. Lately, I have not been taking the beach way home, but I decided since it was 80 degrees out it was a sunroof open, loud music and beach drive kinda evening. I thought *maybe* I would see some dolphins and sure enough! 4 or 5 were so close to shore and it was beautiful! They were really close to some surfers who were just sitting on their boards watching the dolphins play.

Saturday morning we had swim lessons, followed by our usual chic-fil-a breakfast. I found a thunder t-shirt that fit G, so she showed her thunder support for the first part of Saturday.

After we had breakfast, I got ready for our Kentucky Derby watch party. G napped and changed into her Derby day attire :) We had quite the feast, and several neighbors came over to watch the race, eat and drink. We all placed bets and collectively as a group we won $2. haha. I lost $4 with my bets and Jeff netted $10 with his two bets, so I guess we are plus $6 as a family :) He always keeps me in the black.

When I was pregnant, Jeff took a work trip to Lexington Kentucky. He stopped by Keenland, and brought me back a surprise and Giuliana this little horse. I got it out for the race. It's such a cute and special gift.

Kentucky Hot Browns (this is actually a spin of the famous Kentucky Hot Browns in a sliders version).

We also had Bourbon Peach Pie Pops, Kentucky Derby Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Pie, Cheeses and Crackers, marinated olives, shrimp cocktail, and more!

And of course, no Derby party is complete without Mint Juleps.

After the Derby, we headed outside to play cornhole and enjoy the nice weather. It was one of those afternoons that you don't want to end, and makes me look so forward to summer! Friends, icy beverages, sunshine, shorts, music from the ipod dock, babies, kids toys covering the street, neighbors stopping by and joining on the fun, putting babies to bed and having more fun, reheating food from earlier in the day and taking it outside for hungry corn hole players and moving the party back inside for board games when it gets chilly...

And of course, time with these two is my fav :) (I changed out of my Derby dress into my Thunder shirt for the game).

Sunday was spent recovering from the fun Saturday, church, cleaning, and an afternoon outing for ice cream and lunch at park in Palos Verdes. Oh, and staying up late making Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

This is pure bliss right here...And That's what weekends are all about!

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