Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

The Thursday before Easter I got a horrible stomache virus and was still recovering Easter weekend. We had plans for a big Easter breakfast and dinner, which ended up being scaled back a bit (and I barely ate what we did have). Despite feeling not so great, we managed to get out of the house Saturday to have Giuliana's picture made on the Easter bunny. We tried to get some smiles, but she just kept looking at us like we were crazy. Or maybe it was the photographer shaking some big ugly stuff animal at her. Other than that we had a relaxing weekend and watched movies, dyed Easter eggs and had to much fun putting Giuliana's Easter basket together. Giuliana was so excited that it was Easter that she decided to roll over! She rolled over (back to front) Friday night once, Saturday night in her crib three times (after she rolls over she gets super annoyed and cries until I turn her on her back...this game will have to stop) and then Sunday once and I got that one on video! Yay for G! Now she needs to learn to roll back over so I don't have to play the flip the baby or listen to her cry game. :)

Playing with dad in her bunny outfit, which we have dubbed her "lounge suit"

Easter morning, getting her goodies!

Easter dress from her Great Grandma

Shake your tailfeather!!!!

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