Friday, September 14, 2012

28 Weeks!

Still growing! This month I have really popped!
Weight Gain - Not sure, have not weighed recently!
Symptoms: I am having some pain in my lower back (only on the right side). The doctor said it is probably the siadic (sp?) nerve, but who knows. It's not a shooting pain, more like a pulled muscle, but has lasted a few weeks. I am trying to sleep more on my left side, in case that is the problem. I also started taking Zantac for the indigestion and that seems to help. Otherwise, things are good!
Movement: She is still moving around a ton and sometimes I feel some major pressure against me, which I am guessing is her little head or butt as it is very hard when I feel it.
Other news: The room is finally getting painted next Wednesday. Woohoo! I just can't wait to get the crib put together and the bedding on! Once that is done, I think the room will come together quickly. I can't wait!!!

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