Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding out....

Because I never posted about this: After having pretty bad stomach craps several nights in a row, I called the doctor who told me I should take a pregnancy test. I went home from work early on a Friday took the test, then quickly made the sign below, and then ran to pick up dinner. When I returned home Shadow was (thankfully) waiting at the door for me, so I put the sign on him and a few seconds later Jeff walked in the kitchen. He said, "Shadow, what is on your neck??" Then he read it, smiled very big and many hugs and kisses were exchanged!

The following Monday I had an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay (because of the cramping) and when I got home, I had these beautiful flowers from Jeff. The card is hard to read, but it says "To my Baby Momma". So cute :)

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Mariel said...

how Adorable! I can't believe Shadow let you put that around his neck, what a good Big Brother!