Tuesday, June 19, 2012

15 Weeks

Wow I look huge here! This was taken about 30 minutes after a dinner of Fried Okra, Fried Mozarella, Mashed Potatos and Gravy and Chicken Fried Steak, which we cooked for our California native friends who had never had true southern cookin'! So maybe that is why I look so huge....

Weight gain 4 pounds still, but I can no longer wear any regular jeans or work pants without the belly band!

On Saturday, June 9th we found out it was a GIRL! We are very excited!

I am still eating Easy Mac like it's going out of style as well as Granny Smith Apples. Im not exactly craving them, but a lot of times nothing really sounds good except those things. I also ate the exact same sandwich (cream cheese, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and spinache) from Whole Foods three days in a row last week. I like to get on a kick and eat it over and over!

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The Burtons said...

Congrats girl!! How exciting! You will LOVE having a girl...they are so fun! Not that I'm biased or anything..haha :)