Monday, December 6, 2010


Jeff picked out the pictures for our holiday cards this year and you probably would have figured that out once you see them :) Shutterfly has such a great selection of Holiday cards! I can't decide which one to pick! I love how you can put several pictures on one card. That is great for people like me who can't ever just pick out one favorite!

Here are a few favorites. Check out shutterfly here.


I love Shutterfly! I ordered my friend Mandi a photobook of her pre wedding events. I also ordered a book to thank my maid of honor Kelly of all my wedding events that she was invovled in. She loved it! The photobooks turn out so great and they have such a great selection of backgrounds to choose from. You can design your own or let the computer do it. Make your own photobook of your favorite photos here. It would make a great holiday gift!

Another great gift idea is a 2011 calendar with your favorite seasonal photos! Check out the cute designs here! See all the great gifts they have to offer here. How cool would a canvas print be for you home??!!


Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Maybe the 2nd one bc it gives you more photos?

The Redfields said...

I love my photobook you made for me :) Shutterfly rocks!!