Monday, September 13, 2010

It's football time in America!

It's beginning to feel like fall! Because we were floating the Pacific for weekend 1 of college football, this was our first "football weekend" of the season. Here's how it went:

OU: OU looked A-Mazing! We stomped the Seminoles and now I see why Landry is on everyone's heisman list. He looked great! I hope we take Air Force seriously next weekend, because I am a bit nervous for some reason.

ND: Jeff managed to ignore the score updates during the OU game and watched the Notre Dame game just after. I knew the outcome so while I was cooking up a storm in the kitchen (homemade okra, chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes...a little Southern cooking for football) I listened to him yell at the TV. They almost won :(  Maybe if the QB had played the whole game the outcome would be different.

*Side note: While I'm a VT fan, I am kinda glad they lost to shut up the Boise State bandwagon a bit

Dallas: So close! It was a great game. Miles Austen did great and got me 30 points for my fantasy team.

Rams: Despite the interceptions Sam looked great and I am proud of him. I know he will continue to improve. I love that Mark Clayton is playing for the Rams too, they seem to make a great team!  I hope Sam got that ball back from his first TD pass.

Cupcakealicious (Me) is playing CableMax (Jeff) this weekend and of course Payton Manning would have an amazing game to get Jeff almost 50 freaking points. :( As of now I am loosing by 30 points and only have Antonio Gates left playing tonight. Looks like a L for me.

Can't wait to watch our bolts play tonight for Monday Night Football to wrap up the weekend!!!! Lets hope that Gates makes about 4 touchdowns!

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Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Football was amazeballs last weekend! OU & Cowboy WIN and Longhorn LOSS!!!!