Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aloha Lost

On May 24, 2010 we said goodbye to our favorite television show -- Lost. Season One of Lost aired while Jeff was in Iraq. I had heard it was good, but waited on him to return and we watched Season 1 in about two weekends on DVD and have been addicted ever since. We both really liked the finale, and while it did not give us all the "answers", we never expected that it would. That's why it is such a great show-- it makes you figure things out on your own and gives you a lot to talk about with other fans. In honor of the finale we had some friends come over for an Aloha Lost dinner. We made pina coladas in honor of the coconuts on the island, had fresh mangos, and skewers with pork, pinapple and veggies. We were going to attempt to make wild boar, but after working on Sunday I did not feel like going to the meat markets searching for boar. So, we had a distant relative...pork! Ironically enough, while I was buying the pork on my way home from work in Venice at Whole Foods Market on the day of the finale, I saw Desmond who was picking up his own groceries. Maybe he was having his own Lost Finale Party. I hope Penny was there with him. :)

Goodbye Lost, you entertained us for years and we will miss you!

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Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

I love your story on Lost :) Great show! VERY cool you saw Desmond and I hope Penny was there with him too!