Friday, April 16, 2010


Easter weekend we headed down to San Diego to stay with Mike and Amy. We had not been down there in months so it was so great to see them! Friday night I think we stayed up until 2 or 3am just talking in the kitchen! Saturday we relaxed and layed out a bit by the pool. Sunday we went to Easter brunch at the Miramar O club. We had a big group!

Zach and Melissa and their 6 month old Holden were visiting from the east coast. We had not met Holden yet so I was excited to finally meet him! Our other good college friends C &M were their with their two kiddos.  Ryan was there, as well as a college friend of all the guys, who Jeff had not seen in 10 years (who is also a Marine) and his son. Mark (who is a co-owner with Amy on their new company Mission Home Health) and his wife Ashley and their cutie Ashton were there. So we had 4 little ones under the age of 5, all boys! They were very good especially considering we were there for 4 hours! And the earthquake happened while we were there!

The group...a bunch of sooners and a few Bulldogs (B is missing b/c he wanted to help "take" the picture)

They had an egg hunt for the kids and B got a bunch of treats. B is my buddy. We use to babysit for him weekly back when we lived in San Diego and he was just a little baby. He's grown up so much!
I came back from the bathroom to find Jeff holding Holden. So cute!

It was a great weekend catching up with old friends!

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Gina said...

Bryson is CUTE!! As much as he may not admit it, Jeff really likes kids! He's always been really sweet with Mira. I wish we lived closer so we could see you guys more! Mira still talks about you, Jeff, and even Shadow! So funny!