Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

For a guy that complains about Valentine's Day, Jeff sure treated me to a great weekend! We decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Valentines Day so we could enjoy it more, since Jeff had to get up bright and early Monday morning for work. We went to Second City Bistro in El Segundo and had a great meal! We had Oysters, rack of lamb, filet, shrimp and of course Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert! The weather was so nice (it got into the 80's this weekend) that we sat outside on the patio.

The name Second City Bistro was inspired by the town, El Segundo, which in turn got its name when Standard Oil chose it for the location of its second oil refinery in 1911. They have a very extensive wine list, and we had a great bottle of pinot noir with our dinner.

After dinner we went home to watch Couples Retreat. We were so excited to see this movie because they were filming it while we were in Bora Bora, just two resorts down at the St. Regis. The movie was funny and it was neat seeing all the sights and beauty of Bora Bora. We both kept saying "Oh I want to go back!"
Saturday morning I got up and made pancakes and bacon and when I came to the table to eat this cute little box was waiting for me:

Inside were "Sweetie Pies" from William-Sonoma, which I had casually left the catalog open to that page a few months back and Jeff picked up on the hint! They are delicious!

A few hours later, these long stem roses were delivered to our door:

So pretty! I love them! Shadow does too :)

On Sunday night Jeff cooked us his delicious spaghetti and we relaxed at home. My final surpise on Valentine's Day was Jeff having a house cleaner come Monday to clean our house! What a great treat! I was off work, but was able to do some work from home, take Shadow to the vet, brush his shedding hair for like an hour, and get other random things done. Its very nice to have a spotless, dustfree house.
It was a great first Valentine's as husband and wife!


Gina said...

Back up the train...Jeff ate oysters??? Did he tell you about the time he tried one as a kid??? Funny! Sounds like a great V-day! I'm glad my brother is such a romantic!

The Redfields said...

Those are beautiful roses!!! Haha Jeff seems to really like the hints you leave through the magazines! Just like the Tiffany ad too, right?! Ahhh to go back to Bora Bora! One day....one day....